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What is tofu?

Tofu which originate in China is make of condense soy milk that’s press into solid white blocks in a process similar to cheese menu making. Nigari, a mineral-rich coagulant that’s left over after salt is extract from seawater is use to help tofu solidify and keep its

Greek yogurt health benefits.

Greek yogurt is a protein-rich dairy product that’s high in many nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, and selenium. But its nutritional value and health benefits can vary depending on the brand you choose. Given Greek yogurt’s impressive nutrient profile, it has been linked to several

Benefits of walnuts. 

Cholesterol-lowering foods Another type that shouldn’t be missed. Did you know that eating walnuts every day is better for your health than you think? 1. Reduce cholesterol           A study from Harvard University revealed that Walnuts are rich in folate, vitamin E and good fats. Even though they are

Trans fat.

Trans fat is the worst of all bad fats. Trans fat are created from the process of adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oil. This causes the oil to turn into a solid. We call this process. “Hydrogenation”. This type of fat is most abundant in stick margarine, shortened butter, and