Wright worries Bukayo Saka is being targeted by rivals.

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Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has admitted. He is worried about youngster Bukayo Saka being targeted by rivals. And potentially affecting the 2022 World Cup.

         The England international was force off during Sunday’s 5-0 home win over Nottingham Forest. But he also come on as a substitute in the 1-0 win over FC Zurich in the final game of the Europa League group stage.

         Wright believes Saka is being target by opponents as a dangerous player. UFABET And point out that Mikel Arteta could not rest him due to the lack of substitutes.

         “It’s sad to see you look at Arsenal and people are saying he should be rest.” Wright told The Kelly and Righte Show.

         “It was an uncomfortable fall. It was always a sign when people come out how angry they were. How sad they were we saw with Varane how he was Bukayo Saka come out with a little anger. He was extremely disappoint. And He seem really worry about it.”

         “I think if Emil Smith Rowe was fit he (Saka) would have give more rest. We just don’t have a deep enough squad yet. We didn’t rest a player in the Europa League. And We had to play him when you might think he was rest against Zurich.

         “He is very dangerous now. And He gets foul all the time to the floor. You always worry about him is worry. We are a short distance away from the World Cup and more importantly. He is in the form that Arsenal need right now.