Josep Guardiola throws pressure on Liverpool, believes that there is a chance to win the championship.

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Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola still sees Liverpool as the most dangerous contender for the 2022-23 league title. Despite 15 points behind leaders Arsenal because of his experience over the years. Even if the other way is to push the pressure before hitting the big match.

‘ Reds ‘ won the league against ‘ Blue Sailboats ‘ 3 of the last 4 seasons , snatched 1 time in 2020, squeezed the odds in 2019 and 2022. And in 2021 Jurgen Klopp ‘s team encountered problems. The deformed bloomed until the tire burst UFABET.

Up until now, Liverpool seem far from being able to win the championship. But Pep is hard to be calm because the main force is probably ready. The problem at Anfield is just a lack of cleanness.  

Therefore, if resolved And then counting a new one when visiting Spurs (6 Nov. ). Could be the momentum for the top team on Merseyside to start after the FIFA World Cup.  

 Guardiola said of title rivals he was worried about ahead of the game against  Fulham (5 Nov ) .

“ An example is seen from the past , still using the same manager. The same main force .having won 17 games in a row, or 18 games in a row. I see it often. ”

“ Last few years, they did it. So why can’t this season do it again ?” 

“ No one knows what will happen after the FIFA World Cup , the buy – sell market , or the condition of the players when they return . 

“ The favorite to win the league this time is Arsenal, why ? because they are leaders The gap from the other teams is very close. ” 

“ Newcastle is another scary team. Their bodies are awesome. Rhythm to compete 1 match – per – week ” 

“ You don’t have to go to the European Club Championship. And when things like this happen, it’s a special advantage to have more energy than anyone else – especially when imagining getting a full week’s rest . 

William Hill legally adjusts the price of the English Premier League champions 2022-23 from the least, including Manchester City (1/6), Arsenal (6/1), Manchester United (33 /1), Spurs (40/1), Liverpool (50/1),  Chelsea and Newcastle are the same  (66/1) .