How to play online roulette?

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Online roulette are divided into rounds. Each round has a time limit. which is the countdown number. Which is the time to choose to place bets. This is an important moment in making a bet decision and pressing to confirm the bet every time. There are also buttons to choose to use as repeat bets, undo. Remove will be used when wanting to use that function.

At the end of the Online roulette betting time. The dealer will spin the wheel to draw prizes for that betting round. While the prize is being drawn. The system will not accept additional bets. Therefore have to wait to play in the next round UFABET  

When the steel ball lands in any of the boxes from 0-36. It will be the result of that round and the system will display it in the result notification window immediately. Or there is a spot of flashing light in the winning position.

If the steel ball runs out of orbit. The prize will be drawn again. And stick to the results in that round is the immediate end.

How to play, there will be a dealer in charge of spinning the roulette wheel to spin. Then the ball will be thrown onto the wheel. Players will know the result. When the wheel stops and the ball falls into the number 1 space. Which number is on the wheel? For European there are 37 slots and American has 38 slots.