FA appeal against Jurgen Klopp’s only fine.

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The FA has lodged an appeal against Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp’s independent disciplinary committee for yelling at referees.

Klopp was fined £30,000 by an independent disciplinary committee for misconduct. During Liverpool’s 1-0 Premier League win over Manchester City in October.

The German coach was unhappy with Mohamed Salah’s lack of foul. After being hit hard by the referee before yelling at a lineman who walked past him UFABET

An independent disciplinary committee fined Klopp for such behavior. But the FA has now appealed the penalty. 

The FA’s appeal this time raises the possibility. That Klopp will receive an additional sanction from the touchline. 

The FA is believed to have disagreed with the decision of an independent disciplinary commission, saying there should be a penalty rather than a fine to set a good example for top managers. 

By doing so, Klopp was fined £30,000 (approximately 1.3 million baht) after he admitted to allegations of misconduct. But fortunately not banned from supervising the team on the sidelines

However, the FA deemed the penalty to be too light for Klopp and has lodged an appeal in connection with the matter. The reason for doing this is to want top managers to be examples for lower level managers. 

An FA statement said: “The Football Association of England It confirms that it has lodged an appeal against the recent independent disciplinary committee decision concerning Jurgen Klopp after reviewing the written reasons.