Elneny accepts Arsenal frightened Arteta after daring to ditch Aubameyang.

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Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny admits Arsenal players are frightened by Mikel Arteta. After seeing an example of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being slaughtered Shades left the head carelessly.

Aubameyang was a key player for Arsenal in helping them win the FA Cup in 2020 but was dropped after disciplinary issues. and was stripped of the captain’s armband. Before finally canceling the contract until having to collect things from the team at the beginning of the year.

Elneny, who recently recovered from injury, returned to play for the team again. Commenting that Arteta’s agility makes the Gunners feel quite disgusted. But it’s a plus that makes the team love and work harder. 


The Egypt international midfielder said: “Everyone is looking at themselves because if Mikel had the courage to do that to the captain. He can do it with everyone else. It shows that we cannot go astray. Everyone was scared!” 

“Everyone is scared of their status because when this happens with Aubameyang. And if the other person isn’t the captain who makes some small mistakes. Then there might be the same problems that no one wants to have. ” 

“We don’t accept egos. Our dressing room looks like this now. Everyone loves each other and everyone works hard for each other. That’s what makes our team strong. Because we don’t have an ego in the team.”