Ancelotti praises ‘Vinicius’ as the best golden figure in the world.

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Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid manager, praises Vinicius Jr.’s top form. is the best football player in the world After the small wings Participated in every goal, helping to defeat Girona, their championship contender, 4-0, followed by Jude Bellingham, another member of the team.

“The White Kings” found the game easier than expected. Vinicius opened the scoring in the 6th minute before being involved in all three next goals. With Bellingham hitting a double and Rodrygo closing the box

. Nisius is already a top player. and whenever football is played Ready to show today’s attitude My personal view is He is the best player in the world,” Ancelotti said after the match at the Bernabeu.

“Jude Bellingham is second, Rodrygo is third, then Toni Kroos, Valverde and Ca. Mavinga”

Ancelotti was asked about the ranking of Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe. But the Italian boss Refuse comments “The player you named is playing for another club…”

In addition to winning by a scoreless margin, Ancelotti’s side also kept a clean sheet ahead of their league’s leading scorers. Even though there was a shortage of center players, Dani Carvajal and Aurelian Jouameny had to be replaced

. Said he could play everything. So he started on the left,” Ancelotti revealed. สมัคร ufabet

“Carvajal went on the field and looked like someone who had played as a center back for 400 matches… He has everything ready without you having to teach him.

” The whole team helped defend with dedication as well. Then take advantage of the quality in the attacking game. Overall I’m very happy to see us playing football at a high level. “

Right now we’re in a slightly advantageous position. And it will give us energy for Champions League,

capital giant Leading the pack by 5 points, but there was a little cause for concern because Bellingham’s pain worsened and he was substituted in the 57th minute.

“He had a sprained ankle. And we will evaluate it in detail tomorrow,” Ancelotti answered ahead of a midweek visit to RB Leipzig in the Champions League.