Trans fat.

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Trans fat is the worst of all bad fats. Trans fat are created from the process of adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oil. This causes the oil to turn into a solid. We call this process. “Hydrogenation”. This type of fat is most abundant in stick margarine, shortened butter, and foods that contain shortening or margarine. Such as snacks and fast food such as cookies, cakes, white bread, donuts, French fries, etc.

This type of fat has properties similar to saturated fat. Needless to say, you know that if this were the case, the risk of heart disease would probably follow. And what’s even worse is that Recent research has also found that Bad trans fats also reduce the level of good cholesterol in the blood. And this type of fat is also associated with Alzheimer’s disease. macular degeneration Gallstones and inflammation, which are risk factors for many chronic diseases. It also increases the risk for women that it may cause infertility. Oh…there are only bad things if you don’t hurry and avoid them from today. You can prepare to deal with future diseases UFABET

 Know this: the amount of each type of fat that the body should receive per day

– saturated fat: less than 7% of total calories received per day
– unsaturated fat (both simple and complex) : not more than 25–35% of total calories received per day
– Cholesterol (both good and bad types): not more than 300 milligrams per day
– Omega 3 fats : at least 500 milligrams. gram per day